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Construction Management

Even if you know exactly what to buy and how to install it, managing contractors and making sure the installation goes well can be a time-demanding task.  Rock Creek has experience managing the construction work that is so critical to a completely engineered solution.  From pipe-fitters, millwrights, electrical and system integration, Rock Creek can manage these contractors to make sure that all the work is completed on-time and on-budget with the quality you expect.

Managing capital for a small business can be a hefty task.  Rock Creek has experience with prioritizing projects and creating capital plans based on your growth objectives.  If you are growing it is critical that you have a good plan on how to invest your money in your business.  Rock Creek can help you develop this plan and knows how to work with you and your team to show you how your investment will pay back.

Capital Management

Managing projects is more than checking the 'done' box at the end of the timeline.  Just as important as meeting spending and timing goals is making sure that everyone involved feels like the project was a success.  It takes special attention to ensure that those involved with the project are looking forward to the next one rather than fighting it the whole way.  From selecting a team through scope development, execution and wrap-up, Rock Creek has experience with making projects successful.

Project Management